Knife man said: ‘Don’t worry, I’ve sharpened them’

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A drunken man who had two knives in Kelso Square was jailed for 10 months.

Roy Chilcott,44, of Brisbane Place, Kelso, appeared on indictment at Selkirk Sheriff Court on Monday and admitted committing the offence on July 21 last year.

The accused was said to have deliberately taken the knives, which had blades of two to three inches long, with him, and making their presence known.

He told an alarmed witness: “Don’t worry, I’ve sharpened them.”

Solicitor Iain Burke said his client was told to put the knives away and put them into his pocket.

“He didn’t do anything with them, other than show them to someone,” said Mr Burke. “Knife crime is a serious matter, and he is well aware this will be treated seriously,” continued Mr Burke, who claimed his client “does not represent a significant risk to the public”.

Sheriff Kevin Drummond said no-one could be in any doubt that knife crime would not be tolerated.

“This is a stark choice,” he told Chilcott. “The combination of circumstances is that you were significantly under the influence of alcohol and deliberately took two knives after leaving the house, and then made the presence of those knives known to occupants of a vehicle.

“They were suitably concerned to contact the police,” he added.