Kelso flood driver charged by police

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A woman driver whose car was swept down the river at Kelso on Sunday after she drove past a ‘road closed’ sign and two barriers, has now been charged by police.

Police in the Borders have been advising drivers, following the severe weather over the past few days, on the importance of adhering to road closures, and the dangers of ignoring advice from the emergency services.

The warning comes after the woman driver, aged 49, tried to enter Kelso yesterday morning.

The car became immersed in water flooding the road and was carried down the river before becoming wedged between trees.

The driver has subsequently been charged and will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

Inspector John Reid, of Melrose Police Station, said: “This week’s heavy rain and flooded roads make driving conditions extremely difficult.

“Drivers should be aware that they may need to reduce their speed and increase stopping distance, particularly on wet roads and ice.

“Avoid sudden acceleration and breaking, and do not pass closed snow gates. We’d like to remind all road users that road closures are in place for a reason. Please do not risk your safety by ignoring these, or the safety of the emergency crews who will be risking their life to help you.”