Hawick 42-year-old fined £125 over row with housing association joiners

Atkinson Road in Hawick.
Atkinson Road in Hawick.

A man involved in an angry row with housing association workers has been fined £125 at Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

That bust-up occurred after Barry Ward, 42, confronted joiners from Scottish Borders Housing Association about a layer of sawdust left on his girlfriend’s car outside her home in Hawick’s Atkinson Road on February 20.

It had just been washed and he demanded £5 from them for it to go through a car-wash again.

They dismissed that request, however, prompting Ward to react angrily by shouting and swearing, acting in an aggressive manner and challenging them to fight.

He pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner.

His not-guilty plea to assaulting one of the workers by seizing hold of him, pulling him and attempting to punch him was accepted by the crown, though.

Defence lawyer Ed Hulme said his client had been upset by the debris left by the workers in the car-parking area and the fact that his complaints had been dismissed.

Sheriff Peter Paterson said he accepted that Ward, of Allars Crescent in Hawick, had acted out of frustration and reduced his fine from £150 to £125 because of his guilty plea.