Hawick 31-year-old banned from road for 14 months and fined £250 for drink-driving

Jedburgh Sheriff Court.
Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

A motorist convicted of driving while more than three times the legal alcohol limit has been banned from the road for 14 months.

Lee Chapman, 31, of O’Connell Street in Hawick, pleaded guilty to driving with a breath-alcohol count of 72 microgrammes, the legal limit being 22, on the A6091 at Tweedbank roundabout on February 20.

Depute fiscal Erin Illand told Jedburgh Sheriff Court that Chapman’s car hit an embankment at 1.30am and witnesses who checked on him could smell alcohol.

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick said: “He had been driving to a friend’s house, but he was involved in the incident. He decided to get a taxi home.

“It was him who telephoned the police to report the incident when he got home.

“He should not have been driving after drinking alcohol, but he was very surprised at the reading.”

In addition to the ban, he was fined £250.