Hawick 29-year-old fined £200 for punching steward at Galashiels nightclub

The Indigo Rooms nightclub in Galashiels.
The Indigo Rooms nightclub in Galashiels.

A man has been fined £200 at Selkirk Sheriff Court after admitting assaulting a door steward at a Galashiels nightclub.

Peter Borland, 29, of Wellfield Court in Hawick, pleaded guilty to punching an employee at the Indigo Rooms in the face during thre early hours of November 11.

Erin Illand, prosecuting, said a witness had observed Borland pushing a female and the steward at the Overhaugh Street club had intervened, only to be punched in the face.

However, defence lawyer Ed Hulme denied his client had been involved in an altercation and claimed that Borland had been approached by the steward and asked: “Why don’t you try and do that to me?”

Mr Hulme added that Borland felt he was being provoked.

Borland was fined £200 and also ordered to pay £100 compensation to the door steward.