Hawick 29-year-old claimed to be his brother in bid to evade arrest

A 29-year-old man attempted to pervert the course of justice by claiming to be his brother after police officers turned up to arrest him.

Selkirk Sheriff Court.
Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Craig Robertson told the officers, executing an arrest warrant at an Indian restaurant in Peebles, that he was called David Robertson and that Craig was, in fact, his brother.

He was unable to produce any identification backing up that claim, however, so he was arrested.

A subsequent search revealed a passport and bank card in the name of Craig Robertson, Selkirk Sheriff Court heard.

He then began swearing at the officers and threatened one of them that he would “get him” if he saw him out on his own.

Robertson was given an eight-month night-time curfew at his home in Borthwick Court in Hawick.