Goldfish killed in Hogmanay bust-up at Tweedbank

A plumber killed his partner’s 20 goldfish by pouring washing-up liquid and pepper into their tank.

Andrew Davidson also assaulted Amy Currie by pushing her and throwing a glass at her in a Hogmanay domestic bust-up at their home at Weaver’s Linn in Tweedbank.

At Selkirk Sheriff Court the 25-year-old admitted assault and behaving in an threatening or abuse manner.

He told police he killed the fish because he knew it would annoy Miss Currie. He later sent a text, apologising for scaring her.

Davidson’s lawyer told Monday’s court hearing that the relationship was over.

Sheriff Peter Paterson imposed fines totalling £400 and ordered him to pay his former partner £100 in compensation for the loss of her pet fish.