Galashiels 62-year-old banned from road for 16 months for drink-driving

A woman spotting drinking in her car was found to be three times the legal alcohol limit for driving when traced by police.

Thursday, 6th June 2019, 4:19 pm
Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Elaine Adamson, 62, of Langhaugh Crescent, Galashiels, pleaded guilty to driving with a breath-alcohol count of 66 microgrammes, the legal limit being 22, on March 8.

Selkirk Sheriff Court was told that she went into a shop in Tweed Road in Galashiels at about 1.30pm already smelling of alcohol and bought a half-bottle of vodka.

Erin Illand, prosecuting, said staff at the shop then saw her get into the driving seat of her car and watched her drinking from a juice bottle and a clear bottle they believed to be the vodka they had just sold her.

She then drove off towards the town centre, and the police were alerted.

Police officers tracked Adamson down at a car park beside the river at Boleside Road.

She admitted she had been drinking and was smelling strongly of alcohol, leading to her being taken to Hawick police station for a breath test.

Defence lawyer Greg McDonnel said: “She is deeply ashamed. She has been driving for 37 years and it is the first time she has been in court.

“She is very apologetic but disputes having any alcohol before going into the shop.”

He added that her mobility had suffered after having a metal plate fitted in her hip and she admitted drinking too much.

Adamson was banned from driving for 16 months and fined £400.