Galashiels 29-year-old admits possession of offensive weapons including a hammer and knives

Forest Avenue in Galashiels.
Forest Avenue in Galashiels.

A 29-year-old man has admitted six offences on indictment at Jedburgh Sheriff Court including threatening to assault police officers.

John Chapman pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner at a house in Forest Avenue in Galashiels on June 24 by carrying out a search of the premises and threatening to assault others.

He also admitted being in possession of offensive weapons – namely a screwdriver, hammer and knives – spitting over a police vehicle and causing damage to a cell at Hawick police station, as well as threatening to assault police officers.

Chapman, of Galashiels, had sentence deferred until November 11 for a drug treatment and testing order assessment to be carried out.

Fiona Hamilton, prosecuting, said the incident started at about 9.30am, when a man received a message from a witness to say ‘Pinhead is here and not leaving’.

“He was saying things such as that he had money stolen and was worse for wear.

“Pinhead is the nickname for the accused.

“The man returned home to find the accused in his home address. He was searching every room within the house. He was shouting that he had lost possessions and was verbally abusive towards the witness.

“He was asked to leave and eventually did, but he returned and threatened to assault one of the men.

“They contacted 999, and police arrived and found Chapman in the middle of the roadway holding a carrier bag and he also had a hammer in the same hand.

“The officer asked him to drop the weapon, which he ignored, but after a third request, he did drop it.

“Police took hold of him and searched him and found a kitchen knife in a jacket pocket and the hammer was lying on the roadway.

“The carrier bag was searched and two hammers were recovered, plus a screwdriver and three Stanley knives.”

The fiscal said that Chapman was taken into custody but was verbally abusive to officers on the journey to Hawick police station, spitting all over the rear cage of the vehicle, and he later caused damage to a cell at the station.

Defence lawyer Ross Dow pointed out that his client had been on remand since June 25, the equivalent of a six-month prison sentence.