Galashiels 22-year-old fined £365 for dangerous driving in supermarket car park

A 22-year-old driver clipped a pedestrian’s arm with his car’s wing mirror, leaving her injured, while showing off by racing around the Tesco car park in Galashiels, Selkirk Sheriff Court was told.

Tesco in Galashiels.
Tesco in Galashiels.

Shop assistant Liam Garrie pleaded guilty to dangerous driving on the night of March 6.

Depute fiscal Fiona Hamilton said: “It was around 11.30pm when the witnesses were heading home and walking through the covered car park at Tesco.

“They heard an engine revving and tyres screeching.

“The witness looked over to her left and saw one of the cars heading towards them.

“She pulled her friend out of the path of the car but the car mirror struck the friend’s elbow.”

Ms Hamilton said Garrie stopped afterwards and spoke to the witnesses, telling them he had not seen them.

They contacted the police, and when cautioned and charged, Garrie, of Galashiels, told officers: “I was stupid and it won’t happen again.”

Ms Hamilton said the woman had suffered a minor injury.

Defence lawyer Ed Hulme said his client had been in the Paton Street car park late at night with his girlfriend and as he was leaving, he chose to show off to her by revving his car’s engine and cutting across a few empty parking spaces, and it was then that the collision occurred.

Mr Hulme said Garrie waited at the scene of the accident while his victim took a photo of his car and held on for around 40 minutes for the police to turn up but left after they failed to appear.

He added: “He accepted responsibility for what he did. There will be no repeat. He knew what he did was wrong.”

Sheriff Chris Dickson accepted that the incident was at the lower end of the scale for dangerous driving and banned Garrie for the minimum 12 months, telling him he would need to resit an extended test after that.

He also fined him £365, with a £20 victim surcharge.