Galashiels 21-year-old admits offences including violent struggle and shoplifting

Lowood Bridge, near Melrose.
Lowood Bridge, near Melrose.

A 21-year-old woman has admitted four offences including shoplifting and a violent struggle.

Lace Farrell, of Penman Place in Galashiels, pleaded guilty to stealing a shopping bag and its contents at Galashiels transport interchange on March 9.

She also admitted shouting and swearing and struggling violently with others at Lowood Bridge, near Melrose, on April 11.

Farrell pleaded guilty to further charges of stealing cosmetics and toiletries to the value of £188 from the Asda store in Galashiels on April 18 and behaving in a threatening or abusive manner at the Shaw Trust’s office in the town’s Channel Street and at Dalkeith police station in Midlothian on May 22.

Sentence was deferred at Selkirk Sheriff Court until September 9.