Festive crackdown targets boozed-up motorists

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DRIVERS in the Borders who are tempted to get behind the wheel after drinking have been warned their chances of being caught are higher than ever before.

The Scottish Government and the police have launched a festive crackdown and are telling motorists that no matter how little they are over the limit, they are still branded a criminal.

A spokesman for Holyrood’s Road Safety Scotland body said: “Fewer than one in four drivers in Scotland are aware that drink-driving results in a criminal record which stays with them for a minimum of 20 years.

“This year’s campaign aims to raise awareness that there is no grey area for drivers.

“Throughout the festive period, the message is not to drink anything at all before driving as the risk of being caught is higher than ever before.”

During last year’s crackdown, 75 drivers were caught over the limit in what was then the Lothian and Borders Police area.

Scotland’s justice secretary Kenny MacAskill commented: “Our priority is to save lives, but some drivers are still not heeding the warnings and about 30 people are killed every year in Scotland due to drink-driving.

“Having even one alcoholic drink makes you three times more likely to die in a car crash.”