Fake banker withdraws empty-handed from theft bid

A CROOK posing has a bank worker has sparked a major alert across the Borders, writes Bob Burgess.

Wearing a fishing-style jacket, the conman tried to hook his victim by claiming she was due money to the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The bogus banker called at a house in Tweedbank around 6.30pm on Tuesday and showed the woman a piece of paper containing personal details, including her date of birth.

But he fled empty-handed after the woman challenged him and said she did not have a loan from the bank.

The man took off in a black 02-registered Vauxhall Corsa. Officials from the RBS later confirmed to police he was not acting on their behalf.

Sergeant Eddie Kelly of police HQ in Hawick told TheSouthern: “It is important to keep personal data secure by destroying or shredding bills, letters and bank statements to prevent sensitive information being compromised and used in a criminal manner.”

The mystery caller was carrying an official-looking black folder, but wasn’t displaying any identification.

Sergeant Kelly stressed: “If the authenticity of cold callers is in doubt, ask for identification and contact the bank, building society or relevant organisation to verify the situation. Do not pass cheques, cash or card details to individuals who call unannounced without satisfying yourself that they are legitimate representatives on authorised business and that there are no other means of conducting the transaction more securely.

“In most cases, the organisation should have written to you in the first instance and it is most unlikely that a representative will call unexpectedly.”

The householder told police the man was stocky, in his early 30s, about 5ft 9in to 5ft 10in with light-coloured or brown hair down to his collar.

Police say he was wearing a black fishing-style jacket, black faded jeans and a blue checked shirt.

The intended victim was also able to tell police that he spoke with a local accent.