Drugs found after ‘good going domestic’

Selkirk Sheriff Court
Selkirk Sheriff Court

Police found breakfast cereal and dry dog food strewn across the floor of a house in Galashiels, and a woman visibly shaking and crying.

John Chapman admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner at the home of his “on/off partner” in Beech Avenue, Galashiels, on August 15, shouting, swearing, and throwing items.

The 24-year-old, who was bailed to an address at Laurel Grove, Galashiels, further admitted possession of Diazepam and diamorphine.

Prosecutor Tessa Bradley said neighbours heard “a racket” coming from the flat.

One witness described it as “a good going domestic”.

Police attended and could hear a woman crying.

“She was visibly shaking and there was cornflakes and dry dog food strewn over the floor,” said Ms Bradley.

“She was very upset, but said she didn’t want to be a grass.”

Chapman was taken to Galashiels police station and, during a search, a bag containing 100 blue tablets was found in his pocket.

These were confirmed at Diazepam, valued at £60.

“He tried to conceal an item in his foreskin, but removed it,” continued Ms Bradley.

Chapman told police the wrap of brown powder was “half a gram of gear”.

It tested as heroin, worth £20.

Defence solicitor Ross Dow said his client has spent the weekend in custody, and could remember very little of the offences.

“He and his partner had been arguing and it was a prolonged affair,” said Mr Dow.

“He says he does not have an addiction to heroin, and says he can take it or leave it,” he added.

Sentence was deferred until October 6 for a DTTO (Drug Treatment and Testing Order) assessment.