Denholm 51-year-old tried to attack police officer after being caught breaching booze ban

A man involved in a bust-up with police after being caught breaching bail by drinking alcohol will be sentenced next month.

Monday, 13th January 2020, 2:20 pm
Laidlaw Terrace in Hawick.

James Markie, 51, pleaded guilty to consuming alcohol at a house in Laidlaw Terrace in Hawick on December 7 in defiance of a court order banning him from doing so.

He also admitted behaving in an aggressive manner and shouting and swearing at Laidlaw Terrace and at Hawick police station and attempting to butt a police officer.

Fiona Hamilton, prosecuting, said police had received a telephone call at around 6am requesting assistance to get people to leave a house in Laidlaw Terrace.

While there, officers did a check and noted that, despite there being a bail condition in force for Markie not to consume alcohol, he was holding a bottle of Smirnoff vodka.

Ms Hamilton continued: “They used their powers to breathalyse him, which produced a positive reading, and he was arrested.

“He began shouting and swearing at officers, and this behaviour continued at the police station.

“When he was told he was being held in custody for court, he then attempts to headbutt a police officer.”

Markie, of Murray Place in Denholm, was told by sheriff Peter Paterson: “I am not convinced jail is the right place for you.

“There is no doubt the source of all your problems is alcohol.”

Sentence was deferred for four weeks for good behaviour until February 3 as Markie has other matters calling then.

Bail was granted, but Mr Paterson warned Markie: “If you commit any other offences during this period, my hands will be tied.”