Computer ‘help’ theft warning

CLEVER cheats are conning computer users into divulging confidential information which they use to commit thefts.

That has prompted police to issue a warning for people to stay alert and safeguard their personal details.

A spokesman for Lothian and Borders Police said that over the past few months they have received a number of reports from people contacted by phone callers claiming to be from a computer software company.

The spokesman said: “The callers offer to fix computer faults and direct their victims to a website that allows remote access to their computers. This allows access to an individual’s files and sensitive information .

“Criminals will look to profit from any opportunity. Never allow anyone you do not know or trust access to your computer or anywhere else where you may store sensitive data and never give out any personal information online to companies where you are not entirely confident in their authenticity.”

Similar crimes have been recorded all over the world.