Children being taught about safety near Borders Railway

Borders Railway.
Borders Railway.

Schools alongside the Borders Railway are being visited by British Transport Police officers in a bid to educate youngsters on the dangers of trespassing near the line.

PC Davie Jackson told the Borders Railway Community Partnership this week that the force was mainly dealing with “bread-and-butter” incidents and that reporting of crime on the Borders line “has been quite sporadic so far”.

“Anti-social behaviour on the late-night trains is an issue, but that’s why there’s the alcohol ban in place from 9pm to 10am.

“One issue that we have seen popping up more a lot lately is trespass.

“We are having to revisit this, so we are going round the schools to educate them on the dangers.

“Every school down the line has been very receptive so far, and we’ve spoken to them about keeping safe and the dangers of trespass, stone throwing and obstructing the line.”

PC Jackson also urged travellers to report any issues which make them feel unsafe.

“I would encourage you to report any incidents to us. There is no such thing as a silly call.

“If there’s groups of youths gathering, we want to know about it.

“It could be quite intimidating for people even if they are not doing anything wrong.”

British Transport Police can be contacted on 0800 405040 by text to 61016 or via 999 in an emergency.