Borderers warned of phone scam

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Borders police are warning residents about a phone scam which caught out a Kelso pensioner last week.

The bogus callers claim to be from the fraud department of their bank, tell the resident their account has been compromised and persuade them to transfer money out of their bank account and into another account.

In the latest incident of this kind, on Monday, February 13, a 79-year-old woman in Kelso was targeted and persuaded to transfer a four-figure sum into a bogus account. This is a scam and no legitimate bank would ever ask for account details over the telephone.

Detective Inspector Arron Clinkscales of Police Scotland’s financial investigation unit said: “These fraudsters are despicable, there is no other word for them.

“They actively seek out and prey on someone’s goodwill and their ability to trust before callously stealing their savings, often within seconds. It’s truly staggering and we are absolutely determined to arrest these criminals as quickly as possible. They are extremely devious and should not be underestimated. They may claim to represent a bank or even the police but crucially they will always ask you to transfer money or take cash out of your account. This is the whole point of this crime and something, which neither a bank nor the police would ever ask you to do.

“I urge anyone who is approached by an unsolicited caller to take down their details and then hang up immediately. Then call your bank from another phone, using a number from the phone book or official documents you hold. They will be able to give you advice and confirm that your accounts are secure.”