Black Path fears continue

FEARS about the safety of people using a path linking Galashiels with Tweedbank continue.

Ian Purvis, chairman of Galashiels Community Council, said he was still hearing concerns about the Black Path.

Galashiels Councillor Bill White believed the fears were “more perception than reality”.

But Community Councillor John McLaren hit back, saying: “This is not a myth; people have genuine concerns about the Black Path.”

Galashiels councillor John Mitchell said the town was safe, adding: “Yes, we have serious crimes which take place here but it is less than other areas of Scotland.”

Community councillor Judith Cleghorn also called on a member of Galashiels Police Station to attend the next meeting, after no representative was available for March’s date.

In a written police report, Galashiels CC were told that anti-social behaviour in public places continues to be a problem in the town, often relating to alcohol.

In total, there were 28 alcohol related incidents recorded in February out of 64 crimes in total, of which 42 were detected.

And since the start of 2013, police report that 734 crimes have been recorded in Galashiels, down from 937 over the same period last year.