37-year-old denies stealing pensioner’s handbag in Hawick High Street

Hawick High Street.
Hawick High Street.

A man has been accused of assaulting a 70-year-old woman and robbing her of her handbag.

Martin Charlotte, 37, is charged on indictment with carrying out that attack while his face was masked in Hawick High Street on May 23.

It is alleged he pushed her, causing her to fall to the ground to her injury, then robbed her of her handbag and its contents.

Charlotte is also accused of assaulting a man during the course of his employment at Robson Court in Hawick on May 4, jumping on top of him, placing a screwdriver to his chest, demanding that he give him money, threatening to stab him and robbing him.

Charlotte, of Allars Crescent in Hawick, denies those offences.

He also pleaded not guilty to stealing a bottle of wine from Sainsbury’s in Hawick on May 11 and assaulting a constable at the town’s police station on May 30.

His first diet was continued until October 7 at Selkirk Sheriff Court.