£30,000 hair dye case

A KELSO woman is suing a Newstead hairdresser for £30,000 after claims she dyed her hair ginger.

Kim McNally denies Leigh Lumsden’s claims and says she refused tests before the treatment and raised no complaints afterwards.

She added: “None of my clients believe it. I have been so stressed. I’m thinking of moving away and renting another salon.”

Lawyers representing Ms Lumsden, 34, wrote in papers lodged at the Court of Session in Edinburgh that after the appointment, when she wanted her dyed black hair to go back to its natural blonde colour, her scalp was burnt and some of her hair fell out.

They submit that the hairdresser applied the colour-stripping dye without checking the chemical would be harmful.

The lawyers said: “She could barely speak when she left the salon.

She was distressed. Her hair at the forehead fell out. She had a blond ridge at the forehead. Her hair next to this had turned a ginger colour.

“The damage was extensive, with trichonodosis [knotting] affecting most of her hair. Her hair went on to break and split open, causing it to break off.

“Her hair was de-ketarinised, as a result of the bleaching.De-keratinised hair varies from orangey-brown to pale yellow, with the lightest shades indicating the most serious damage.

“The pursuer’s hair varied from ginger to pale yellow-white in colour.”

Ms Lumsden’s lawyers also claim their client subsequently suffered from anxiety and still avoids going to a hairdresser.