21-year-old fined £200 over violent struggle with five police officers in Hawick

A carer has been fined £200 at Jedburgh Sheriff Court for struggling violently with five police constables.

Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 7:16 pm
Burns Road in Burnfoot, Hawick.

James Hamilton, 21, reacted angrily after claiming one of the officers barged into his mother after they turned up to arrest him on a warrant for not appearing in court.

He pleaded guilty to obstructing police at a house in Burns Road in Burnfoot in Hawick on July 29 last year.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser said two officers had turned up at his home to execute a warrant for Hamilton’s arrest after he had failed to turn up in court as a witness.

He said: “It was midday on a Sunday. The mother answered the door and said to the officers to come in.

“She said she would get him to come downstairs, but the accused and his mother began shouting at each other.

“He was standing at the top of the stairs, and one of the officers went up the stairs to try to speak to him to explain why they were there.”

Hamilton then became unruly, leading to concern among the officers that the argument was getting out of hand, the court heard.

A struggle developed and Hamilton became so violent that help was summoned from another three officers.

Mr Fraser said Hamilton continued struggling with the officers in the downstairs hall but eventually calmed down and walked out of the house when arrested.

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick said his client was supposed to be a crown witness but had not turned up for a trial .

He explained that Hamilton had been concerned about his mother not being well and currently acts as her carer, receiving £64 a week in carer’s allowance.

Mr Patrick continued: “Mr Hamilton took the view that his mother had been barged by one of the police officers.

“That upset him, and he reacted the way he did, but if everyone had calmed down, including himself, this would not have happened.”

Hamilton, giving an address in Glasgow, was also fined another £100 for failing to appear in court.