Cranshaws shepherd given road ban and £270 fine for drink-driving and assault

Jedburgh Sheriff Court.
Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

A shepherd assaulted his partner, then drove away in a car with a child while almost double the legal alcohol limit, Jedburgh Sheriff Court heard.

George Wylie, 48, of Cranshaws, near Duns, had a breath-alcohol reading of 43 microgrammes, the legal limit being 22, when police responding to the assault claims breathalysed him.

The court was told his 19-year-old partner had threatened to leave him after he came home from working at lambing under the influence of alcohol.

During a bust-up, he seized her by the hair and repeatedly kicked her to the body.

Wylie then drove off to a friend’s house a mile away with a five-month-old child, claiming he wanted to take the baby to a place of safety.

He was fined £270 and disqualified from the road for a year for drink-driving.

In addition, he was ordered to carry out 90 hours’ unpaid work for the assault and wilfully exposing a child to unnecessary suffering while under the influence of alcohol.