Course ­chaos for senior school pupils

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Secondary school pupils preparing to return to start their Highers next month will face a postcode lottery in terms of the courses offered.

With schools in the Borders running new Higher courses in some subjects and existing courses in others it is chaotic.

Some pupils will even study an ‘old’ Higher subject on the back of just completing the new National 5 exam.

The already muddy waters will get worse come the start of the 2015/16 school year, with the new Advanced Highers coming in.

Could this mean that some Borders pupils will study a National 5, followed by an ‘old’ Higher course, and then a new Advanced Higher?

It is all very unsatisfactory, and appears to come down to the rushed, and underfunded, introduction of the curriculum across Scotland.

The council has assured us that the course decisions have been taken with pupils’ best interests at heart, and we can only hope that the students are not hindered by this situation in the long term.

On a happier note, what an inspiration the Scotland team has been at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Performances like that of Libby Clegg have brought the large crowds to their feet, and no doubt plenty of those watching on the TV too.

And hopefully there is more to come from our local sporting stars in the final days of these fantastic Games.

They have all done us proud.