Councillors’ claims

It’s often surprising what one finds out when browsing the Freedom of Information section of the Scottish Borders Council website.

For instance, earlier this year two Selkirkshire SBC councillors – Vicky Davidson and Michelle Ballantyne – attended a Convention of Scottish Local Authorities event at £395 per head at the Fairmont five-star hotel in St Andrews.

What is interesting is that both councillors, despite living only a few miles apart in the Ettrick Valley, travelled independently. Ms Davidson claimed 200 miles and Mrs Ballantyne 206 miles.

Could they not have travelled together and car-shared like SBC chief executive Tracy Logan and SBC leader David Parker?

In all, around £100 was claimed unnecessarily by the two councillors as they currently get 49.6p mileage allowance.

I hope the two ladies enjoyed their little jolly that cost the hard-pressed council taxpayer around £1,000, and I hope they have something to show for it.

Susan Hill

Ettrickhaugh Road