Councillors are applauded by ex-leader Tulley

Councillor Euan Jardine at the newly-rearranged bottle banks.
Councillor Euan Jardine at the newly-rearranged bottle banks.

Last Wednesday saw something of a tidal change in politics as Galashiels Community Councillor Drew Tulley sang the praises of not one but two local councillors.

The former Scottish Borders Council leader is well-known for giving elected members an ear-bashing if he thought they were giving him the runaround.

However, at last week’s meeting, held at the Burgh Chambers, Mr Tulley gave credit to councillors Euan Jardine and Andy Anderson.

Mr Tulley said: “I have been told for years by previous councillors that nothing could be done on these issues.

“They were greeting when they didn’t get in at the last election ... they should now hang their heads in shame. Councillors Jardine and Anderson have managed to do in a couple of weeks what they couldn’t in eight years.

“Well done to them.”

Netherdale residents are now able to recycle their bottles without getting their feet wet, thanks to the persistence of Mr Jardine. He arranged for the simple matter of moving bottle banks at Netherdale so that water could be easier drained, while Mr Anderson helped pave the way for a hedge next to the town’s fire station to be cut, which has heightened visibility for drivers.

On the matter of the bottle banks, Mr Jardine said: “I was advised that it has been a recurring problem for a few years now without any resolution. After a bit of work and persistence between myself and the council, I am pleased that people will be able to recycle without worrying about getting their feet wet.

“I would now encourage the residents in Galashiels to recycle as much as possible during the summer, as this can be the peak time for accumulation of glass bottles.”