Councillor hopes to halt junction confusion in Gala

Officers from Scottish Borders Council's roads department are due to meet tomorrow, Wednesday, with Galashiels councillor Harry Scott at a 'confusing' junction about which he raised concerns.

Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 4:47 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 4:51 pm
The junction between Ladhope Vale, Bridge Place and High Buckholmside in Galashiels.

At the last meeting of Galashiels Community Council, Mr Scott said he agreed with community councillor Tom Ingoldsby about the roundabout at the top of Ladhope Vale and Bridge Place.

At the meeting, Mr Ingoldsby said he had seen an accident take place at the junction on the previous day, adding: “It is a dangerous junction and we need people to be vigilant.”

After the meeting, Mr Scott wrote on his Facebook page: “Last year I raised concerns about the almost invisibility of the road markings surrounding the junction, which were eventually renewed, and I also raised concerns about the inadequacy of the signage.

I myself have witnessed the aftermath of two collisions which occurred there, and I have witnessed several near ‘hits’ or ‘misses’, however you wish to describe them.

“The roundel in the centre of the roundabout is now beginning to fade because of the volume of traffic crossing it.

“I have asked the chief officer for roads at Scottish Borders Council for a further site meeting to discuss how the road markings and signage at this junction might be improved. Hopefully, some resolution might be reached which eliminates or reduces the confusion caused, especially for drivers traveling north in Ladhope Vale towards the traffic lights.”