Council workers in IT struggle during bad weather period

Tweeddale East councillor Shona Haslam.
Tweeddale East councillor Shona Haslam.

Council leader Shona Haslam thanked council teams for their “tireless work” during the recent snowstorms which hit the region in a motion during last Thursday’s council meeting at Newtown.

She said: “All involved worked incredibly hard to make sure that our communities remained safe througout the unprecedented weather.”

However, in the debate that followed, it was mentioned that some of the council workers who wanted to work from home found it impossible to do so due to the IT system not being able to cope with so many remote users.

A SBC spokesperson said: “There was exceptional demand on our IT system due to the unprecedented number of people working from home.

“However this was one of the most severe weather situations we have faced in the last 20 years and this type of demand is extremely rare.

“To prioritise access for frontline staff, home workers were asked to log out of the system which resulted in short periods of time without access.

“Many staff working from home were able to do work that didn’t rely on SBC’s IT network while the system was unavailable.

“We are looking into our IT capabilities going forward.”