Council’s Hornshole U-turn Hornshole

Scottish Borders Council has performed a spectacular U-turn which will see Hornshole recommended for inclusion in the new Hawick multi-ward at the next local elections.

In what will be seen by many as a credibility-restoring move, Councillor Ron Smith emailed all 34 councillors asking for their thoughts on “altering the line” to include Hornshole in response to the “controversy in Hawick” at the recent council meeting.

The news has been welcomed by Councillor Watson McAteer.

He said: “Ron Smith’s suggestion to move the proposed boundary at Hornshole to ensure its future within a new Hawick district ward, although late in the day, is welcome.

“There is no doubt this change has arisen because the full voice of the Hawick folk has been heard.”

In his email to Scottish Borders councillors, Councillor Smith wrote: “As a result of the controversy within Hawick following the council meeting, which has focused on the importance of the Hornshole site to Hawick, I have given this further thought.”

Councillor Smith added that following consultation with council officials they have concluded that “only a minor tweak is required to retain the association of Hawick with its historical and cultural site at the Hornshole memorial”.