Council’s claim is “absolute rubbish”

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A Yarrow Valley resident has taken umbrage at Scottish Borders Council’s claim that regular tidy-up visits are made to the Loch of the Lowes by its ranger service.

The resident, who did not wish to be named, said it was the people who lived there who did the majority of picking up of litter left by dirty campers.

The issue was raised a fortnight ago by triathlete Stuart Lowrie, who was disgusted at the trail of rubbish and burnt grass from campfires at one of the regions most spectacular beauty spots.

Then, an SBC spokesman told us the agreement it has with the site’s owners Wemyss and March Estates “sees the council regularly clear litter from the site.”

But the resident, who has also taken photos of the mess left over by revellers, has said it is they who are left to keep the site clear of rubbish.

She told us: “We have been complaining to the council and also the Ettrick & Yarrow Community Council about this and nothing has been done. We have been asking for bins for lay-by’s, etc, with no response.

“The council has one small bin situated on the cafe green – that is it for the whole of the valley. It’s an absolute disgrace.

“They say in your article that the council regularly clear litter from the site. This is, pardon the pun, absolute rubbish. It’s us locals that clean up the majority of it.”

A spokesman for SBC explained the cleaning routine yesterday: “The bin at the site – and the immediate area around the bin – is generally cleared every weekday and once every weekend, if the bin is full.”