Council maintains objection to site

The proposed site at Whitelaw Brae
The proposed site at Whitelaw Brae

Scottish Borders Council has again confirmed it is against a wind farm application for a 14-turbine installation near Tweedsmuir.

The application for 14 133.5m turbines at Whitelaw Brae, just west of the Fruid Reservoir, was launched last year by 2020 Renewables for Velocita Energy Developments.

Council lead planning officer Craig Miller said, in a letter maintaining the council’s objections to the scheme: “The proposed development would be contrary to policies PMD2, ED9 and EP5 of the Scottish Borders local development plan 2016 and policy 10 of the South-East Scotland strategic development plan 2013 in that, taking into consideration the following factors, it would unacceptably harm the Borders landscape.”

He went on to add: “The development would give rise to unacceptable visual and amenity effects,” which included “significant detrimental impacts to two archaeological sites of national significance, asset HA5 and the scheduled Hawkshaw Castle.”

He added an advisory note to Scottish government ministers: “Should the development be considered for approval, then conditions and the need for a legal agreement have been identified covering a number of different aspects including noise limits, roads matters, ecology and archaeology.”