Council election candidates express their thanks

After a hard-fought election campaign, may we take this opportunity to say how much we appreciate the honour that the people of Kelso and District have shown us by electing us to Scottish Borders Council for the next five years.

We would like to thank them for putting their trust in us and we now repeat our pledge to work hard on their behalf, regardless of political affiliation.

We would also like to thank the acting returning officer and his staff, including those who spent a very long day on May 3 manning the polling stations, for the very efficient and fair way in which they oversaw the election process.

We are looking forward to devoting the next five years to fulfilling our manifesto promises and to making Kelso and District one of the best places in the Borders in which to live and work.

Simon Mountford

Tom Weatherston

May I thank most sincerely the readers of TheSouthern who voted last Thursday and placed their confidence in me to be one of their councillors for Hawick and Hermitage ward.

A big thank you has to go to the polling station staff who were extremely helpful to all the constituents, especially in explaining the voting system. The police did a first-class job of ensuring that everything went smoothly as well.

The biggest thank you has to go all who took the time to vote as the Borders had a higher turnout compared to other areas of the country.

Can I assure all the residents in Hawick and Hermitage ward that I will work with all my fellow councillors and ensure that I and we collectively will do all that we can to make this part of the Borders the best to live and work in.

I can be contacted on 01450 374234 or at

Councillor George Turnbull

I would like to thank everyone who worked for me during the election campaign and to all who voted for me.

It wasn’t to be, unfortunately, but to lose out at the third stage after being in second place at the original count was a bitter, bitter blow, especially when the person who eventually overcame me couldn’t even be bothered to turn up for the count on Friday morning.

It has been a great privilege and a great honour to represent Selkirkshire over the past five years and I have enjoyed the hard work. Being a councillor is now a full-time job, but I have relished every minute.

Thanks again to everyone and you can bet that I won’t be gone for long. I will be back to regain my seat at the earliest opportunity.

Kenneth Gunn

Halliday’s Park


We would like to thank the electors of Tweeddale who entrusted us to represent their interests on Scottish Borders Council.

Many of our constituents have written to us, and in addition there was a huge response to our recent voters’ questionnaire. We have noted the comments made and will respond where individuals asked for answers to specific questions.

Our term of office is for five years and we will face many challenges, particularly with regard to maintaining levels of services at a time of financial constraint.

We are prepared to maximise every opportunity to work with the SNP Government at Holyrood for the benefit of our constituents. Now to work.

Willie Archibald and Stuart Bell

May I give my many thanks to those who voted for me in the elections for the Jedburgh and District ward.

However, it was not enough this time, but I’ve no regrets in standing. It has been a great, but busy five years, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

I did my best for the ward and indeed for the Borders as a whole. The administration achieved what it set out to do, which was no easy task in this financial climate. It would have been nice to see some of the projects finished before my end of term, but some were not possible.

All being well, the three ward members will serve you as well as I have and, of course, congratulations must go to them for winning the seats.

Len Wyse



May we thank the people of Galashiels and District for giving us their support in the Scottish Borders Council elections.

We would like them to know that we will work hard for them over our term of office. We will work shoulder-to-shoulder with the other elected councillors for the benefit of all our constituents to address their needs and aspirations.

We are available on the following: John Mitchell (01750 22422,; Bill Herd (01896 759407,

John Mitchell

and Bill Herd

I would like to thank all those people who voted, helped, supported and put their trust in me to be their councillor in the Leaderdale and Melrose ward.

I will doing everything I can to follow through on the local issues that the electorate brought to my attention.

I will also make myself available to meet with individuals or groups to listen to their concerns and suggestions so that together we can make not just the Leaderdale and Melrose ward, but the whole of the Borders an area to be proud of.

Jim Torrance

Honeylees Drive


Many thanks to the voters of Kelso and District for turning out to vote last Thursday.

I was delighted and honoured to receive so many first votes. This has encouraged me to stand again at the next opportunity.

I would also like to say how disappointing it was to see so few under-30s turning up to vote. This is obviously a concern for all parties and independents alike. What can we do to encourage these younger residents? Or should voting be compulsory?

Yvonne Huggins-Haig

Firstly, I would like to thank all those who helped with my campaign.

A special thanks to the people of Jedburgh and District for putting their faith in me for another five years. Regardless of party politics, Sandy, Rory and myself will form a hard-working team and continue to do what is best for the ward.

Councillor Jim Brown

Through the courtesy of your columns, may I express my thanks to all who supported me on May 3.

I look forward to representing the community within the Selkirkshire ward by working hard on their behalf.

Councillor Gordon Edgar

I would like to express my thanks to all those who voted for me to be returned as a councillor to represent Kelso and District at the election last week.

I will make sure the town’s interests are kept to the fore.

Alec Nicol

I wish to thank returning officer Ian Wilkie and his staff, likewise the folks of Jedburgh and District, for giving me their support.

I give my assurance that I will do my best for the people of the Borders as a whole.

Councillor Sandy Scott