Council candidates don’t seem to care about us

Why are there no candidates knocking on doors for our votes in the May council elections?

I speak as the tenant of a flat in a block in Galashiels where I live with my boyfriend.

We are both in our twenties and both work, and we are never behind in our rent.

The flat we live in is OK, but is in a building that is falling apart and is getting worse.

The stairwell is disgusting, but the landlords never send anyone to clean or repaint it. It smells terrible and other tenants let their dogs and cats mess in the stairwell.

It is not a pleasant place to stay as most of the people in the block do not work, most are on housing benefit and have no respect for anyone, never mind themselves, and noise goes on all the time, 24/7.

We know that our building is typical of many in Borders towns – rubbish sound insulation where you hear your neighbours going to the toilet, what they are doing in the toilet, no privacy, causing people stress and mental health problems.

With the local elections coming up one would imagine that we would have lots of candidates knocking on our doors, sounding interested in improving housing for young people.

No way – just the odd leaflet in the mail.

Why should anyone vote for them when they have no idea how thousands of folk in the Borders live? None seem to care about providing better quality houses for young people.

Candidates who want people to vote for them have to understand what people are needing – and it is obvious they don’t have a clue.

Which candidates are interested?

We need some younger, working-class councillors who understand.

Kim Hunter