Costly crash for wall owner

After reading the report entitled “Boozed-up teenage driver crashed into wall” (Southern, April 5) three times, I was left wondering who the victim really was in this incident.

I can confirm it was my garden wall and myself.

It stated in the report that nobody was injured in the incident and defence lawyer Matt Patrick said: “It was the early hours of the morning, so there were not many people around, but he is well aware of how this could have turned out.’’ As I am very aware and also happy to see when we went outside at 3.30am that nobody was injured.

The other matter that I am very aware of is causing nearly £1,200 worth of damage to my wall, which is being paid out of my home insurance, which will now rise next year.

In this world we live in today, does nobody take responsibility for their own actions?

The report also stated the teenager “apologised profusely to his parents for the way he previously behaved’’. I am still waiting on my apology and the £1,200 to put right the damaged wall.

He was placed on a 12-month community payback order, with a condition he completes 120 hours of unpaid work.

Does this last statement mean that the culprit works with the builder repairing my wall until it is back to its original state? If only!

David Dalgliesh

Melrose Road