Coopersknowe plan given green light after extensive debate at committee

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After almost two hours of debate on Monday, councillors eventually gave their approval to a housing development at Easter Langlee.

The Coopersknowe Crescent extension will see 42 homes created south-east of the current development, on land adjacent to the Langshaw road.

Despite having a recommendation to approve the scheme, members of the council’s planning committee spent almost two hours posing questions to the head of the planning department, John Hayward, and debating concerns about the proposal.

They ranged from the design of the homes to the choice of road surface and contribution towards a traffic survey.

Members were told that planning officers had worked hard with the developer, West Register (Realisations) Ltd, and the architects to significantly amend the initial layout to make it more satisfactory.

And, while this was welcomed by councillors, a number had concerns regarding the design of some of the homes, fearing they were not entirely in keeping with the properties in Coopersknowe Crescent.

Members did, however, agree that conditions could enable the planning department to continue to work on “minor” matters such as paint colour of exterior cladding and some aspects of the design of the homes.

Previous planning consent for 50 homes on the site expired after the latest plan was submitted, and Mr Hayward said the new plan actually offered a better layout than that previously approved.

Councillor Simon Mountford commented: “This is probably as good a plan as we are likely to get, and the road network is a definite improvement on what was there (proposed) before.”

Mr Hayward added: “In the balance of things, and in terms of the improvements we’ve had, we (the planning department) are comfortable, although it is not to the standard we would aspire to.”