Constituents abandoned by Two-jobs John

Conservative MSP John Lamont has obviously not lost sight of his long-held dream to flee the Borders for London, with much fanfare in recent days confirming his intention to stand for Westminster.

His constituents will be left feeling short-changed that for the second time during his MSP tenure, Mr Lamont is happy to abandon the very communities he should be serving right across Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire at Holyrood.

If Mr Lamont is elected as an MP, constituents will be forgiven for pondering how Two-jobs John will be able to represent them in Westminster and Edinburgh.

After all, it’s a physical impossibility to be able to vote at the same time in two places so far apart.

John Lamont is using his well-paid, publicly- funded position as an MSP to promote his own personal agenda of becoming a London MP.

It is shocking that he spent his first three years as an MSP without taking any responsibilities on Holyrood committees in order to concentrate on Westminster electioneering – and now we will have him campaigning around the doors in Galashiels (which, of course, is outwith his MSP constituency boundary) when he should be representing Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire in Edinburgh.

It will be interesting to see what commitment he will now give to Holyrood in the run-up to the Westminster election next year.

Perhaps Two-jobs John should concentrate on the one job he was elected for and is paid to do.

John Paton Day

Darlingfield Farm Cottages