Consternation over cancellation

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We were appalled when we arrived at Kelso on Saturday morning to discover that the regular local farmers’ market had been cancelled in favour of a commercial “continental market”.

Given that the farmers’ market is organised many months in advance, with regular dates and widely advertised, it beggars belief that this could have been double booked. We met many people, some who had travelled a considerable distance, who were both angry and upset at the absence of the regular market.

We appreciate that the July market is on the second, rather than the fourth, Saturday of the month – but it is so every year, so it could not have been a surprise.

This not only affects customers, many of whom buy a month’s supply of certain foods at this market, but must also represent a considerable financial loss to the regular market stallholders.

We understand this change of plan also delayed preparations for Kelso Civic Week in The Square.

It is hard to believe such incompetence, and we hope that steps will be taken to ensure that such a thing does not happen again.

Jane Roberts and Brian MacFarlane