Conservatives and a Plan B

Like many voters I find it interesting to follow the reports on the positioning of the candidates in the forthcoming Conservative and Unionist Party leadership election in Scotland.

While I fully support the barb aimed by Ruth Davidson directly at her (reportedly) closest leadership rival (Murdo Fraser) on his intention to split the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party from the UK Conservatives, I find it perplexing that there is no outline of any real alternative as to how Ms Davidson would reunite and reclaim the support of those, who in her own words (Southern, September 29) have drifted away from the Conservative family.

As Murdo Fraser has consistently polled as the front-runner in this race, some form of outline on her proposed direction in the media would be helpful to both the general public and the 8,500 party members who will vote on this issue, especially given concerns around Mr Fraser’s plans for further Scottish devolution.

Ms Davidson’s assertion that “it is the message and the policies, not the structure, which is important” is all well and good. However, one might be forgiven for asking what is the message and what are the policies she mentions that are not already on offer? More importantly, if we cannot trust that David Cameron will keep his word on any issue of import (other than his continued anti-democratic refusal to authorise a vote on the issue submitting us to penury as we are forced to bail out, in ever larger numbers, foreign states before caring for our elderly, sick or even the education of our children), then the message is that the manifesto policies of the Conservatives are a facade, crumbling in the manner of a failed currency as and when the creditors seek payment.

As to Ms Davidson’s almost immediate about-face (Southern, September 29), saying “that it is not the structure (presumably of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party) that is important”, it becomes clearer and in the event that Murdo Fraser wins this would appear to be a Plan B. While this hardly marks her as a strong candidate for leadership, it is perhaps necessary if she is to continue under Murdo Fraser in a new and rebranded Scottish Conservative Party.

Well done to Ms Davidson, we should not underestimate what an achievement a Plan B actually is in any Conservative Party. Simply look to Downing Street where our Conservative Chancellor continues to disavow any discussion of a Plan B, even in the face of unprecedented cuts and the resulting personal suffering inflicted throughout our economy.

Steven McKeane

Ellwyn Terrace