Congestion as drivers wait to access recycling centre

Changes to opening times at Kelso’s recycling centre are said to be causing disruption at the town’s Pinnaclehill Industrial Estate.

Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 6:00 pm
The recycling centre in Kelso.

The changes, in force since April 1, mean that Kelso’s recycling centre is now closed all day on Mondays and between 1.15pm and 2pm the remaining six days of the week.

Those changes are bringing traffic on the estate to a standstill, however, according to workers there.

Speaking at Kelso Community Council’s meeting last week, town provost Dean Weatherston said: “I have had comments from people at the industrial estate that since the times have changed at the recycling centre, now it’s closed for lunch, traffic is backing right up past the burger van.

“People are queueing to get in because it is shut for an hour. Rather than going away, they are just parking up and waiting.”

He added that lunchtime closing could put people off using the facility.

“I think it just confuses people and it puts people off,” he said. “If you go somewhere and it’s closed, you won’t go back again.”

Kelso councillor Tom Weatherston said he had heard similar complaints of traffic congestion.

However, he believes that it is a short-term problem. “I think once people know the new times it will stop,” he said.

Members then heard that the new opening times are not clear when the facility is shut.

Paul Roberts said: “I was at the tip today. They have changed the times, but the sign on the gates is the one with the old opening times.

“All they have done is painted over the old times with black paint, but there is no indication of what the new times are.

“For anyone going up when the gates are shut, there’s no new, up-to-date information.”

Kelso councillor Simon Mountford said: “I suspect a new sign has been ordered, but the sign department is sometimes a bit slow.”

Scottish Borders Council changed opening times at all of its recycling centres on April 1 in a bid to ensure the service is sustainable, it said.