Concern over kids at ‘death trap’ factory

Concerns have been raised that someone will be seriously injured or killed in a disused building in Hawick.

Hawick and Denholm Councillor Stuart Marshall has highlighted the problem of children playing in the former Woodcock’s premises at Mansfield, which is also known as Riversdale Mill.

He is calling for the building to be boarded up and made safe immediately.

He said: “This really is a concern as I’ve been contacted by residents who are fed up with a small handful of youngsters who are targeting this building yet again.

“People are fearing that an accident is waiting to happen and therefore it is important that both the council and the police do all that they can to prevent this from happening.

“The public, too, can play their part by informing the police immediately if they see or suspect anyone causing damage to the building.”

“Youths have been seen frequently in this former factory and the floors and ceilings are extremely dangerous. There is even a fire extinguisher jammed in the middle of one of the glass window panes which in itself is a hazard.

“I really am concerned that someone will get hurt by playing inside. The entire building is unsafe and yet again I have contacted the council’s enforcement team as well as the police and fire brigade to alert them to the problem.

“This building should be boarded up and made safe immediately and I appeal to anyone who sees youngsters trying to enter the building or causing damage, to call the police immediately.”

A spokesperson for Scottish Borders Council said: “We are involved with the former Woodcock building and are currently making the windows safe by removing glass and boarding them up under emergency powers.”