Computer upgrade for schools

Gala Academy and Selkirk High are the first schools in the Borders to get a computer upgrade.

Testing of new general software and specialist softwarde to support the curriculum will continue.

By summer 2014 the £3.1million upgrade programme, which was approved in 2011, will extend to all 72 schools run by Scottish Borders Council.

Schools have been allow3ed to chose how their budget is spent on equipment they need for the Curriculum for Excellence, including desktop computers, laptops and netbooks,.

The scheme will mean that schools’ IT equipment is administered centrally from the SBC headquarters in Newtown St Boswells, cutting the costs of sending specialist staff to schools when help is needed.

The replacement programme has been designed so that the oldest equipment is replaced first. Equipment that can not be used on the new system will have all data removed and be refurbished or recycled to current environmental standards.