Computer scam claims another local victim

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POLICE say a resident living in the Kelso area is the latest Borderer to be ensnared in a computer scam.

And a spokesman for the force has renewed calls for members of the public to be on their guard.

“A company calling themselves Microsoft Support Technical has been cold calling people across the Borders to ask if they wish to purchase remote support of their computer system,” he explained. “Last week, we were contacted by another member of the public from the Kelso area, who received a similar request from a company called 24/7 PC Care. On this occasion the individual gave the male caller direct access to their computer and shortly afterwards the individual was contacted by another male, who in turn sold some computer software.

“Unfortunately, the people involved in these types of scams go to great lengths to convince people that they are purchasing an authentic item or product. These people have various versions which they use to encourage people to part with their money, whether this be through providing credit or debit card details or for the householders to go to a local store and purchase a cash voucher.

“We would like to stress in no uncertain terms that people should never pass their credit or debit card details to people unknown to them, whether over the phone or via email. As a rule, if people receve a telephone call from an unknown person offering them any form of service, we would encourage them to terminate the call immediately.”

Anyone who feels they have been a victim of a similar scam should contact their bank to close their account and call the police.

Anyone with any information should contact the police on 01450 375051.