Compensation sought after nine-day mobile blackout

Councillor Gavin Logan finds it hard to get a reception in Innerleithen.
Councillor Gavin Logan finds it hard to get a reception in Innerleithen.

Mobile phone users in Walkerburn and Innerleithen have vowed to fight for compensation from EE after being left without a signal for nine days.

The problem stemmed from a technical fault at the local mast, according to the mobile network operator, who has since apologised.

But among those to suffer as a result of the communications black out was Joy Jardine of Tweed Valley Holiday Lets, who lost two bookingsworth almost £1,000 due to the problems.

The Innerleithen-based businesswoman said: “Having network coverage is vital for my business and I can’t understand why it has taken nine days to resolve this issue. I will be seeking compensation from Orange as well as a refund on my bill.”

Innerleithen resident Christine Horsburgh added: “I contacted EE numerous times over the nine days, and received a very poor service from them.

“They tried at first to tell me it was my phone which was faulty before finally admitting there was a problem with the mast. When I asked how long it would be until it was fixed they said they had no idea.”

Tweeddale East councillor Gavin Logan backed the calls for compensation, adding: “People have had their social life affected and many businesses will have been adversely disadvantaged.

“Operators have to realise the consequences of these outages and make sure that something is done to make sure that people’s lives are not disrupted.”