Community councils back up to full strength

THE new line-ups to Jedburgh and Newcastleton’s respective community councils has been announced.

Newcastleton will now be at full strength with 12 members declared, who shall meet for the first time on Monday.

The 12 community councillors are: Mrs J Armstrong, Mr S Turnbull, Mrs M Elliot, Mrs M Robson, Mr T Murphy, Mr P Davidson, Rev A Warburton, Mr A Downey, Mr S Brown, Mr G Steele, Mrs K Neasham and Mr M Craig.

Councillor George Turnbull, returning officer for the election, said: “I am encouraged by the response of the individuals who have shown their commitment and now have been elected to serve as community councillors for Newcastleton and the surrounding area.

“I wish them every success with the many and varied issues that will arise and I look forward to working with my fellow councillors to help and assist Newcastleton Community Council.”

The next meeting of Newcastleton CC begins at 7pm in the village hall.

Meanwhile, Jedburgh CC can resume its duties after seven new members joined the committee.

An election was required after the number of councillors fell below the minimum of six.

The new members include former Scottish Borders councillor Hugh Wight, as well as Jackie Hill, Kevin Hill, John Bathgate, Ralph Jonentz, Sandra Whitecross and Rory Stewart.

Jedburgh CC chairman Richard Gordon said: “It is great that we are now up to full strength, with 12 members.

“I know all of the new councillors, and those who’ve been there for some time, will be keen to work for what’s best for Jedburgh.”