Community council urges police to tackle bad parking in Kelso town centre

Police are warning drivers in Kelso that illegal parking will be targeted after reports of major streets being blocked.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 4:29 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 5:12 pm
Bridge Street, Kelso.
Bridge Street, Kelso.

Kelso Community Council heard at its January meeting on Tuesday that parking in Bridge Street was a particular concern.

The road has a single yellow line and loading bays, but members were told drivers ignored the markings.

Town provost Dean Weatherston said: “I got stuck in the road last week coming out of work.

“Traffic couldn’t move because of deliveries and all the people double parking.

“I would say that we are almost in a position where you would be better getting rid of the loading bays and putting parking in because people just double park.”

Vice-chairman Gavin Horsburgh said he had previously asked Scottish Borders Council about the possibility of implementing double yellow lines in Bridge Street.

But police constable Rachel Stark explained that parking there is already illegal during the day under the current system.

“I have asked the question about double yellow lines in the past, and the reason it is single not double is based on time,” she said.

“In the evening, there’s not enough traffic driving through there to justify double lines.

“However, a single yellow line in Kelso is in fact the same as a double from 8am to 6pm. You can’t park on it.

“I’m aware, just from coming in and out of the town to shop myself, that parking, particularly in Bridge Street, is starting to become a bit of an issue again.

“We will get people out ticketing when we can, and I will make it a priority for the community action team to focus on.”