Community boundary change due to Newtown housing plans

The proposed housing development along the A68 between Newton St Boswells and St Boswells has prompted a redefining of the community council boundary between the two villages.

At last week’s meeting of Scottish Borders Council, Councillor Jim Brown said St Boswells Parish Community Council were against the boundary change that would see the housing development area move into the Newtown and Eildon Community Council area.

“They have no wish to see any housing development between Milestone and Toyota because it is wholly unsuitable,” said Councillor Brown. “It would set a precedent for the future and affect the separate identity of the two villages.

“People in St Boswells wish to retain the village’s identity and they have no desire to become subsumed into a bigger development along the A68.”

Newtown St Boswells takes the opposite view and wants the area identified for the new housing to be included in its community council area because those living in the 600 new homes would use facilities in Newtown St Boswells – schools, GPs etc – plus access roads to the new development would be via Newtown St Boswells.

Backing the request by Newtown and Eildon community Council for the boundary change between St Boswells and Newtown St Boswells, Councillor Michelle Ballantyne said: “You are talking about who decides what the design looks like, what the road layout looks like and it’s my view that Newtown St Boswells has the right to decide that.”

Council leader Councillor David Parker added: “The current boundary doesn’t make sense.”

Scottish Borders Council’s Community Council Scheme Review Group supported the boundary change and councillors at last week’s meeting approved the recommendation.