Business Brain

“Cloud Computing” is a process whereby you access programs and data through the internet rather than on a desktop computer, allowing you to work wherever you have an internet connection.

Programs and data are stored on a network of remote servers, which also keeps it secure, retaining a constant back-up and ensuring you are running on up-to-date software.

Access is generally gained through a web browser, with security log in details and many applications allow multiple user access. So, for example, you could be away during the week, raising invoices and someone else could be paying your bills, both on the same data from different places. Payment for cloud services is commonly through a monthly subscription.

Sage offer various cloud options suitable for businesses to keep accounts up to date. Invoices can be raised and emailed directly to customers. You have access to bank transactions, so you can know where you are with cashflow.

Your accountant is also able to access your data, so any queries you have can be resolved between you without popping into an office or sending data back-ups. They are able to use the data you have ente red to prepare your year-end accounts.

Help is available when you need it through a Sage support line which is available 24/7 and comes free with your Sageone subscription.

For a business on the move, cloud computing could be just what you are looking for.