Cold spell brings out the best in warm-hearted Borderers

Please can I, through your newspaper, thank the unsung heroes during the cold spell.

I moved to the Borders 13 years ago and can honestly say I have never met such genuine, kind, thoughtful people.

I live on my own with my Border collie and I was stuck. My online delivery had not arrived, the coalman couldn’t gain access to deliver my coal and here is where the thank you comes in.

William Ross and his two sons, who live in Maxton, drove all the way to Ednam to clear my driveway and took me to Kelso to get messages. He then came back in the evening with a bag of coal – he had done more than 50 miles on my behalf and would not take a penny for petrol or the coal.

The second thanks goes to the men who were clearing Ednam school with a JCB. The coalman couldn’t gain access due to snow at the entrance to the back of my house and these men came after they had finished the school and cleared access for the coalman.

My third thanks is to Pearsons who made a special delivery on Sunday once the access was cleared.

My thanks also to my work colleagues – Karen, Amy, Liz, Pat, Ernie, Peter and Craig – who had to man the office as all the other staff couldn’t get in. I appreciate that no-one put pressure on me to attempt to get to work. I am a very lucky lady having such helpful friends and an understanding employer in Lothian Estates.

Also, I think Radio Borders should be recognised for keeping everyone well informed on what was and what was not happening.

Lesley Condon

I raised £64.50 for the Scottish SPCA by having a garage sale and wish to thank all contributors.

Amy Graham

Chiefswood Road