Clubs benefit as Maurice leaves £2.45M

Maurice Gordon
Maurice Gordon

MAURICE Gordon, pictured, the unassuming doyen of sports reporting in Peeblesshire who died last October aged 62, has left £2.45million in his will.

And local sports clubs have benefited from his largesse, with his beloved Peebles Rovers and Peebles County Cricket Club each receiving a legacy amounting to £15,000.

An ardent fan also of Berwick Bandits speedway team, he has also left £15,000 to the Speedway Riders’ Benevolent Fund as well as £100,000 to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

The bulk of his estate, which includes his £295,000 Peebles home and a shares portfolio worth more than £1.5million, is split between family members and friends.

The son of a banker and predeceased by his parents, bachelor Maurice was originally from Huntly, but moved to Peebles when he was six. He started writing Peebles Rovers match reports in 1974 and kept a record of every game played by the club.

His football, cricket and speedway reports were regularly-enjoyed features of TheSouthern and the Peeblesshire News for many years.