Club appeals for more members

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Galashiels Chess Club closed for the summer recess last week and members decided to see out the season with a rapid-play competition staged in their usual venue at the Focus Centre.

The competitors each had only 10 minutes on their clock and one point was awarded for a win, nil for a loss and half a point if a draw was agreed between competitors before either of their flags fell at the end of the 10 minutes.

Five regular members were present and as every contestant played each other once, one player had to sit out in each of the rounds so a half-point was awarded to that player.

The competition proved to be a success with all the players enjoying the excitement of the rapid-play format, though with only 10 minutes allotted to each player there was no time for deep thought, only quick thinking and an understanding of positional play being the order of the day.


Round 1: Keith Robinson beat Francis Lauder; George Birbeck beat Tom Lawson and Paddy Coyle sat out.

Round 2: George Birbeck beat Paddy Coyle; Tom Lawson beat Keith Robinson and Francis Lauder sat out.

Round 3: Tom Lawson beat Paddy Coyle; George Birbeck beat Francis Lauder and Keith Robinson sat out.

Round 4: George Birbeck beat Keith Robinson; Francis Lauder beat Paddy Coyle and Tom Lawson sat out.

Round 5: Francis Lauder and Tom Lawson agreed a draw; Keith Robinson beat Paddy Coyle and George Birbeck sat out.

The final points tally saw George Birbeck on four-and-a-half; Tom Lawson on three; Keith Robinson on two-and-a-half; Francis Lauder with two and Paddy Coyle with half a point.

Gala Chess Club will reopen on Tuesday, September 13, for the new season and as it is hoping to enter a team into the Border Chess League, the club again appeals for more players to come forward and give their support.

The club has a proud record over the years, having won the Border League on many occasions.

For the last few years, however, it has been unable to field a team for the league, but it would like to return to those successful times again, so come on all you chess players, go to the Focus Centre in September and join the Gala club.